Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Foggy Window Repair: Is It Worth The Money?

Insulating glass is created by bonding two panes of glass together along their perimeter while maintaining a (usually) 1/2- to 3/4-in. space between them.

Insulating glass in windows and doors has to put up with a lot of abuse. The seals have to withstand slamming and banging. They have to be flexible enough to allow the panes to contract in cold weather and expand in hot. The seals can’t stiffen and become brittle in the cold or soften and ooze when it’s warm. They have to stand up to wind, hail, rain, damaging ultraviolet rays, age and atmospheric pressure changes.

Eventually, all insulated glass seals fail and a misty bluish fog clouds your glass window pane. As moisture gets trapped between the panes, it quickly corrodes the inner window glass surfaces, eventually leaving mineral deposits and a permanent white silica haze. Foggy windows.

When windows fog and fail, the only viable option is replacement. It’s extremely difficult to separate the old panes, clean them up and reseal them again: The glass becomes “etched” from minerals in the moist air, the old seals are difficult to remove in order to get a tight new seal and a repair is just not cost effective.

Your best defense against failure is to buy a window with a good warranty. Call NU-VIEW Glass Inc. at 623-215-7125 to get a free estimate to replace your foggy windows! http://www.nu-viewglass.biz

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