Saturday, October 31, 2015

Glass Scratch Repair

When scratches happen to windows, table tops, mirrors and other glass in your home, they can be very difficult to repair. If a scratch isn’t too deep, it may be minimized or perhaps even eliminated.

Apply a small amount of the Jewelers Rouge (cerium oxide) onto a lamb’s wool buffing pad. Apply to glass using a circular motion over the scratch in the glass. Use a buffer if you have one. Be careful not to exert too much pressure on the glass while buffing, since the scratch may have weakened the glass and you don’t want to risk cracking it. Buff until the scratch appears minimized.

Dampen a clean sponge with a mixture of ammonia and water and rub off the jeweler's rouge. If the scratch is still prominent, repeat the buffing process. If after multiple attempts the scratch is still quite visible, it is likely that the scratch cannot be repaired.

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